Looking at the evolving DA Data trends, this year presents both challenges and opportunities for coverholders and their use of data. A data strategy that is not fit for purpose in 2024 can lead to inconsistencies, poor delegated authority and inefficient or inaccurate reporting. Many leading DA managers are taking steps to address this by implementing a DA data or bordereau management strategy, with their sights set on providing consistent and accurate data outputs that can be integrated in the carrier’s or MGA’s enterprise reporting.

In this vlog, Director, Paul Uprichard, discusses the three main data themes he is seeing crop up at present, and goes on to provide his call to action to the market.

MGAs are becoming more sophisticated in their data management, but problems still arise when they try to integrate with carriers – there’s still a disconnect due to carriers’ legacy systems not being compatible with MGAs’ systems,” says Paul.

He added: “How companies obtain data is the next step for companies that are more mature in their data management. There’s a plethora of data sources out there.”

Watch the 3-minute vlog below.

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