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DA Strategy is a team of experienced London Market professionals formed to help Underwriters, MGA’s and Brokers grow their new or expanding delegated authority portfolios.

In current market conditions, the best opportunities for real growth often come from quality niche Delegated Authority business. This brings significant challenges from increased oversight from Regulators, Lloyd’s, and Risk Management with particular focus on Conduct, Complaints, Solvency 2, Due Diligence and bordereaux data management. To compound these pressures there is a significant lack of experienced resource available leading to higher than normal in-house salaries …….. when resources can be found!

This is where DA Strategy can assist you. Our pool of experienced people has seen many different varieties and examples of Delegated Authority business, from different perspectives – from within the Corporation of Lloyds, within broking houses and as insurers .

We have seen DA facilities covering a whole range of risks – from Satellites to Mobile phones, Insurance and Reinsurance, Fully automated to Manual processing, facilities owned by Sole traders to Multinational corporations! Contact us, we will listen and provide our insight to your delegated authority ambition.

So whether you need to create a delegated authority management framework with associated process documents, review your existing processes, respond to internal or external audits quickly and effectively or just need expert resource for a project, contact us and we do our best to help.

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