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Audit Review

Audit review


Coverholder and third-party administrator (TPA) audits are a key component of delegated authority monitoring. At DA Strategy we combine market practice with our own experience and years of client interaction to develop bespoke audit processes to fit your needs.

Where DA Strategy adds to your audit process:


Tailored and risk-based approach to scoping through to analysing audit reports and recommendations;


Industry knowledge from decades of experience and current trends in the market;


Audit management, from pre-audit calls/meetings between underwriters, claims or other stakeholders with auditors in addition to any post-audit meetings with stakeholders and auditors;


Scheduling coverholder audits for the convenience of all stakeholders;


Closure – we ensure your recommendations are actioned and documented.

Audit Review process

At DA Strategy, we believe in a holistic approach to auditing and see the process working as follows:

Audit review

This allows for:

  • Engagement
  • Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Business Alignment

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