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Delegated Oversight Procedures


DA Strategy were approached by a Lloyd’s managing agent to assist in redesigning their Delegated Underwriting oversight procedures with a particular focus on credit control and EPI management to improve GAAP reporting and enhance capital allocation. The vison was to reduce underwriters’ workload allowing them to focus on underwriting business whilst introducing solid monitoring tools with escalation to underwriters only where necessary.

We held workshops with the client’s key stakeholders around:

Underwriting management

Credit control

EPI management from inception to fully earned

Regulatory reporting

We offered a customised tool to assist the client – the Binding Authority Management (BAM) report. This allowed them to effectively track EPI, claims and underwriting performance throughout the period.

The BAM report was built alongside a credit control procedure, providing the client with effective oversight of outstanding premium, increased visibility over delegated underwriting activity and a check against runaway or overstated EPI, whilst also reducing the outstanding debt owed to the managing agent.

As the project developed the client realised the need for point in time decision making through the use of renewal dashboards. Incorporating underwriting, actuarial, credit control, due diligence, claims and finance to provide a holistic view of cover holder performance. Initial straw person tools were customised with other key stakeholders to finalise the specific metrics which had the biggest impact.

Finally a data visualisation was developed which now allows the client to make faster effective data led business decisions on coverholder renewals.

BAM report

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