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Broker Strategic Review


We performed a review for a long-established, independent Lloyd’s Broker to give them a fresh, streamlined approach to their international business strategy. The client places insurance and reinsurance in the open market as well as managing a significant delegated authority portfolio in the London and International Markets.
The client requested a review of its rapidly expanding DA book to increase efficiency and reduce costs for their Liability and Property market opportunities covering both in-house and third-party master binding authority programmes.

We ran a series of workshops to help our client realign their delegated business strategy by conducting a review of their end to end Delegated Underwriting Authority processes. These workshops delivered process maps identifying clear operational improvements and standardised workstreams for their bespoke programmes and high volume MGA business. Our consultants analysed the clients’ internal processes to identify quick wins for maximum efficiency gain:

Data capture improvements: An enhanced MGA system to reduce the burden on team members away from relying on Microsoft office;

Effective submission triaging was identified as a core structure to build out. DA Strategy introduced an AI tool to support in this are;

Analytics: Develop a more refined actuarial pricing structure and analysis to use in engaging with carriers. The client now works with Virtual Actuary to aid in their portfolio building with carriers and demonstrate their performance over time;

Restructure the business into two separate divisions which focus on:

• a high volume low touch, digitalised segment; or
• a low volume high touch customised approach.

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