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Data Management

Data Management


Data is a critical pillar of any business, whether this is for operational or performance purposes. There are growing examples of how strong data management has helped businesses diversify themselves from the pack and increase efficiency or profit margins. In addition 3rd party stakeholders including reinsurers, insurers and regulators are paying much closer attention to the granular detail making this area a key risk if not managed well.

At DA Strategy we want to help businesses turn this risk into an opportunity by leveraging our expertise, working with you on smaller targeted data projects through to larger enterprise level data projects covering every facet of the business.

Each project is likely to start with a Company Data Assessment which would vary in size and complexity dependent on the services required. This allows us to understand your unique position and for us to provide a bespoke solution.

Our services include:


Data Strategy

Allowing a company to align its data with its business objectives enabling innovative use of data and value creation – data really becomes an asset and not a liability.


Data Governance & Quality Assessment

Having a robust but risk based data governance capability in any sized business can really help a business make consistent sense of the data.


Data Architecture & Modelling

Strong data architecture aids the transparency and efficient use of data.


Data Warehousing

Ensuring data is presented, structured and integrated in a way that forms a solid base on which meaningful reporting can be built.


Reporting & Analytics

Making sense of the data to drive proactive, effective decision making through detailed analytics and insights is key to any business.


Data Migration

Making sense of the data to drive proactive, effective decision making through detailed analytics and insights is key to any business.

How does this translate to Delegated Authority, some examples are listed below:

Implementing a DA or Bordereau Management Strategy (linked to Enterprise Data Governance Framework and Strategy) which ultimately leads to consistent data outputs allowing them to be integrated in the Carrier’s or MGA’s enterprise reporting.

Implementation of a Data Strategy and corresponding Data Governance framework within an MGA to set the foundation for Automation, AI, Algorithms and rich reliable analytics you can have confidence in.

Bridging the gap between Data Driven Insurtech’s and Incumbent Carriers, translating technical data needs between data specialist and end business users.

Undertaking a Strategic Data Quality project to address key issues in critical delegated authority data which impact performance management, operational or regulatory reporting.

Replacing Spreadsheets and frequency of data, Transmission Method Enhancement, through a move to API integration.

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