Our MGA, Delegated Authority and Binding Authority experience also crosses over into Operational best practise combined with a deep understanding of IT systems and software to assist you with choosing and implementing systems. The combination of business knowledge and experience together with an in depth knowledge of IT and insurance operations allows us to swiftly understand your business model, provide clear advice and manage RFP’s and delivery.

Recent projects include assisting clients with

  1. Advice on choosing systems for bordereaux management;
  2. Complaints management and
  3. A full Coverholder suite.


  • System selection and contract negotiation – As we have experience of commercial software houses, we can assist you in not only in system choice but also in contract negotiation. We know that a poor commercial software contract can incur more cost over time than the initial software license cost.
  • Existing systems and operational practise review –  Sometimes better system use and training can reduce your costs without the need to purchase new software purchase and the cost of installation. Most software vendors will obviously not mention this in their sales pitch.
  • Strategic IT Insight – Most smaller businesses do not employ a CIO and as such fail to match their IT strategy with their business strategy leading to expensive or inadequate systems over time. We can work with you to create a strategic IT plan and assist you in its implementation.
  • Cloud – Should you move to the cloud? What are the implications and costs versus staying fully in-house. Maybe a hybrid approach is correct for you? We can advise and plan with you and also assist with its implementation if required.
  • Policies and Procedures – Do you have a robust Data Security policy in force? Is your Disaster recovery strategy adequate and been tested? This is often a pre-requisite prior to obtaining formal Coverholder approval with Lloyd’s and general Insurers. We can assist you with this.
  • Data Security Advice – working closely with you, we can assist in finding potential security issues with your data security before you suffer loss of data & reputation and potentially regulatory action. For smaller companies, this is often a pre-requisite prior to obtaining formal Coverholder approval with Lloyd’s and general Insurers.